Zaniar Moradi’s letter to all of individuals in his age group all over the world

Zaniar Moradi's letter to all of individuals in his age group all over the worldBefore it is too late, do something

Zaniar Moradi: To all of the individuals in my age group all over the world, I hate to think about death. I do not want to be buried with all my wishes.

My name is Zamiar Moradi. Right now, I am sitting in my cell on the other side of the world. I want to talk to the people my age group in Japan, Australia, France, Africa, and all over the world. Do not let them [the government] hang me. Is the world so passive to just watch the hanging ceremony, say nothing, and do nothing?

I know my fear and request will reach you through the Internet .Please wait for a moment. Please spare a moment and hear from me. It is really hard to face an unwanted death and live with the nightmare of death and shaking by the sound of the prison guard’s shoes when he approaches the cell.
We (my cousin and I) have been in prison for three years .My cellmate, Loghman Moradi and I spent nine months under torture.They were lashing us so hard that we were not able to walk. I have severe back pain and two of my spines are broken. They told us that if we do not repeat what they want us to say, they will rape us.Then, we signed any paper they put in front of us. Now, I have only one step to be hanged either in Tehran or in one street at my birth place Marivan. I have heard these days that they are preparing the hanging ceremony. During the last four days, I have not been feeling well. I cannot sleep. I thought to myself that this writing might help me.
Do not let them hang us. Use different ways to show your solidarity. Do something about it. The Islamic government of Iran will realize that we are not alone and the whole world is against this ruthless sentencing. The sound of your protest, or any movement in this matter will come to us. I am looking forward to hearing from your side.
Zaniar Moradi
Prison of Rajaee shahr, Karaj


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