Life behind Burqa

Afghanistan, a country passed more than 3 decades war and the people is fighting with Taliban and terrorism still now. All basic structures was destroy and people and specially woman and children living with fare and violence. Women in Afghanistan society have important roles in the history. They live behind Burqa but they attempted hard for their rights and life. Many of female human rights activist was killed in Afghanistan in last decade. They are talent and brave woman that try for better future for woman in Afghanistan society.

Life behind Burqa
When the U.S. and its allies entered Afghanistan in 2001, one of the stated goals of the mission was to ensure the protection of human rights, including women’s rights. But after more than 12 years the tolerance and woman rights situation are not improving so much. However, violence against women remains pervasive. Attacks on schools for girls continue. Human Rights Report on Afghanistan states that although 1,891 cases of violence against women were documented, the true number may be much higher.
Afghan women and female politicians increasingly have been attacked. Women in some areas are subjected to torture, beatings, and other brutal punishments. Women candidates, politicians, and human rights defenders are increasingly targeted, intimidated, threatened, and attacked. In 2010, more than 74 schools, including 26 girls’ schools and 35 mixed-gender schools, were destroyed or closed on account of violence.
Moreover, Attacks and threats against women continue, frequently focusing on women in public life, school girls, and the staff of girls’ schools. The incarceration of women and girls for “moral crimes” such as running away from home—even when doing so is not prohibited by statutory law—also continues to be a major concern, with an estimated half of the approximately 700 women and girls in jail and prison facing such charges.
Since the Taliban were forced from power in 2001, Afghan women have won back basic rights in education, voting and work. But concerns are mounting both at home and abroad that such freedoms could be traded away.
Recently, violence against women has been increasing in Afghanistan, according to the country’s independent human rights commission. Many activists blame this on what they say is waning interest in women’s rights on the part of President Hamid Karzai’s government.
Taliban group not only using more violence against any women modern acts but also try to eliminate female human rights activist. They attacked and killed several woman activists by using unknown gunman or suicide bombing. Many of female activist want more support from government and other organization to follow their work.
Universal Tolerance Organization support human rights activist in Afghanistan and think that the best way in Afghanistan society is tolerance teaching through the media and schools to more and deep effect on Afghans people.*

* برگرفته از سایت خانه وکلا

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