The International Working Day, Stavanger-Norway, 1th of May, 2013

Workers are from deprived and oppressed class of capitalist society that as much as they try, capitalists get stronger and workers gets

عکس از سایت روزنامه روگالاند (Rogalands avis)

عکس از سایت روزنامه روگالاند (Rogalands avis)

weaker and workers live in more poverty.
Capitalist society gets more wealthy by putting pressure on the deprived class and using their physical force.
Since the beginning of May in 1886,(Working struggles made it possible for 200 thousands hardworking workers to demand their right for eight-hour work but 340 thousand of workers had to strike to persuade the employers.) The 1th of May is celebrated as the international worker day all around the world every year to support the workers› demands.
In Iran, since the Islamic revolution, Iranian workers could not celebrate this day freely (11th Ordibehesht) because this regime, which has always supported the capitalism, is scared of the unity of people and especially the deprived workers and never let them have meeting and celebration in this day.
Today in Stavanger, Norway, in spite of cold and windy weather, there were the unions of workers that made it a warm atmosphere.
After marching, all had a meeting beside the lake in city centre. The leaders of unions and groups lectured and they were applauded by the audience.
In «international Worker Day» Iranian working activists and egalitarians have protested and distributed leaflets about this day among the participants to support the oppressed workers who have been the members of labour unions and organisations or have demanded their rights. They ask for supporting the iranian workers.
Pictures and mottoes of iranian activists were displayed as well that were warmly welcomed by the audience.

Long live the international solidarity of workers

Samad Bahadori Toulabi
1th of May-2013

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