May Day – International Workers Day

May 1st, International Workers Day is approaching. It is on this day that the workers of the world, the most essential part of the means of production, who with their lives turn the global wheels of capitalism, march in the millions throughout the world to demonstrate the solidarity of working class. On this day, they bring forth the struggle and irreconcilable contradiction that exists between labor and capital, between all workers and the few greedy leech-like capitalists, from the factories to the streets. They convey the message of a humane socialist new world; a world free of oppression, exploitation and repression.

May Day - International Workers Day!

The current wide spread crises throughout the capitalist system signify the decadence of this system of exploitation and oppression. For example, the masses in Greece, Spain, and Portugal are rising up against the newest attacks by the capitalist system forcing them into poverty. In countries like the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy, the workers’ frustration and anger is boiling within, like a volcano which sooner or later will erupt and put an end to the old, dilapidated system of capital and in its place a new socialist society will bloom. Such is the true nature of historical materialism. به خواندن ادامه دهید