Reza Shahabi’s life is in danger!

A statement by Entire Coalition to support hunger striking labor activist:
Reza Shahabi's life is in danger! Reza Shahabi’s life is in danger!

Reza Shahabi, the Treasurer and Executive Board member of the Syndicate of workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company has gone on medicine and hunger strikes on Dec 17, 2012 for the third time.
Reza Shahabi in few recent months had gone under major surgery of his neck and at the present he suffers from several health problems such as back pain, disc disease and neck pain and according to doctors diagnoses he requires immediate surgery yet again.
Shahabi was taken to (Imam Khomeini) hospital on December 15, 2012 but the jail guard accompanying him refused to allow him for proper examination and forced Reza, with threats of beating and assaulting him, to go back to prison.
Accordingly, Reza Shahabi went on hunger strike to protest intimidating behavior of his jail guard as well as the continued lack of proper medical treatment. He has also refused to take any medication.
Reza Shahabi had been sentenced to 6 year imprisonment and five year ban on all union activities as well as 7 million Toman fine; the appeal court in the long run have confirmed his sentence for four years imprisonment, five year ban on all union activities and 7 million toman penalty.
We, as a group of labor activists, political activists, women activists, human rights activists, journalists, artists, etc. are signing this petition to condemn the unjust arrest and sentence against Reza Shahabi and other labor activists, and we entirely support his legal demands.
We condemn any marginalization and the boycott of news about Reza Shahabi and other imprisoned labor activists in mainstream media and we are trying to break up this media restriction. Reza Shahabi is in a real danger and we are seriously concerned about the health and well being of Reza Shahabi in prison.
We demand the immediate and unconditional proper medical treatment for Reza Shahabi, other detained labor activists and all ordinary prisoners.
We call all political and social activists, organizations and labor unions and workers› rights defenders, human rights associations and activists and those people inside of Iran or in abroad, who are concerned about Reza Shahabi’s health status, protest the continued persecution of labor activist and the ongoing violation of workers’ rights in Iran and support Reza Shahabi’s demands by any means such as propaganda activities in social networks, contact with all workers› institutions and human rights centers and sending the related news to all national and international broadcasting services.


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