Namegh Mahmoudi was beaten on the way to hospital

One of the prison guards beat Namegh Mahmoudi, a Kurdish political prisoner, as he was being transferred to the hospital.Namegh Mahmoudi was beaten on the way to hospital

Namegh Mahmoudi, 62, is locked up in Ward 12 of Rajai-Shahr Prison and suffers from severe eye problems. This Kurdish political prisoner was beaten and battered by a prison guard on the way to the hospital.

“On Sunday, May 26th, prison officials finally let Namegh Mahmoudi go the hospital after blocking his transfer for a long time,” a prisoner in Rajai-Shahr said. “He was placed in handcuffs and shackles and forced to wear a prison uniform. As they were taking him to the hospital, a prison guard, Mahdi Mokhtarifar, found out Mahmoudi had brought his calling card with him. So the guard kicked him in the stomach. When Mahmoudi returned, he informed the prison officials and formally complained about the assault. He received an eye exam at the hospital in preparations for his eye surgery.”

Mahmoudi was arrested on April 5, 2012 together with three of his children. The Intelligence Agency originally kept him in a prison in the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province. He was later taken to Ward 209 of Evin Prison where he was interrogated. Eventually, he was transferred to Rajai-Shahr Prison.

Mahmoudi has been charged with the crime known as Moharebeh [Waging War Against God] through collaborating with a Kurdish party and is being detained under temporary status. His three children were released last October.*

*برگرفته از سایت HARANA

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